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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas gift suggestions

One of the things that authors learn early on is that success doesn't come easy. Just writing a dynamite book isn't nearly enough. Most publishers, even the big ones rely on the author to promote and market their books. For many writers the challenge of publicizing their work is far more intimidating than the actual writing of the book. It's like being in two businesses at once. The writer needs to be a determined and dedicated wordsmith, carefully crafting a compelling story and once the work is finished he must become a huckster and salesman. I call it phase one and phase two.

I know a number of extremely talented authors who admit to being absolutely terrified at the prospect of facing an audience to talk about their books. They do it anyway because the only way to get the word out on a personal level is through presentations and appearances.

Maybe I had a bit of an advantage in this area because in my pre-author life I was required to conduct weekly meetings with employe groups. Perhaps that's what helped me conquer stagefright.

Now that Christmas season is here I'm trying to pack in a couple of appearances in December. Books make great Christmas gifts. Maybe a personally autographed copy of a mystery novel is just the thing for that, hard to buy for Uncle Mort or maybe even the boss. It's cheap, easy, and not too personal.

I'll be appearing at the Bad Axe Public library in Bad Axe, MI at 7:00PM on December 14th and on December 21st I'll be at Way Station Books & Stuff, 223 South Washington Square in Lansing, MI. My hours there will be 11:00AM - 2:00PM and 5:00PM - 7:00PM.

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