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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Re-"Kindled" enthusiasm

It's been slightly over a month since I uploaded two of my titles to Amazon's Kindle. To say that I'm pleased with the result would be a gross understatement. My first book, "The Unreal McCoy" had been out of print for over two years and Kindle gave it a new life. It hasn't made anybody's best seller list yet but the sales numbers have proved that the story was not ready for mothballs. "Turn Left at September" is selling solid numbers as well.
A recent report says that over forty-five million Kindles will be in the hands of the reading public in the next two to three years. What makes these numbers significant is that Kindles are only purchased by serious readers and readers are who buys books. The prospects are exciting especially after years of gloom and doom predictions for the publishing industry.
I have another manuscript ready for Kindle and I'm doing a little pre-publishing work on a marketing plan before I turn it loose.
Now it's time to get back to work on my current project. If Kindle works out as well as I hope it will, I'll want to try for two new titles a year. My enthusiasm for writing has just received a wonderful shot of adrenalin.


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