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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

       After the local success of Nightmare, a number of Caseville area residents said that they enjoyed the fact that they recognized so many places and faces and began asking for another book that featured their familiar landscape. At that time I was involved in a different project in a different part of the state. Fool's Gold was launched about this time last year and my attention returned to my favorite little city.
        My latest endeavor will take you out on the friendly waters of Saginaw Bay and to the shore of beautiful Charity Island. But I'm a mystery writer so I couldn't help making the sandy beach the final resting place for the body of a pretty young lady. But is she what she seems to be? A young Medical Examiner is assigned to determine the cause of death and he discovers more... much more.
The title of this latest work may or may not be, Charity Island.  Look for it this summer.

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