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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

         I am toying with the idea of running a contest to name my current work in progress. The story begins when the caretaker of an island resort facility discovers the body of a young lady apparently washed up on the beach. Alone on the island, he calls for help. When the Sheriff's department shows up with the county Medical Examiner, the doctor notices something unusual about the body that piques his curiosity. His investigation reveals some amazing facts about the deceased woman and throws the investigation into the middle of a very lucrative, under the radar illicit  drug operation.
        The tale winds its way through the thumb of lower Michigan's mitten shaped silhouette with occasional side trips to the state capitol, the north woods, as well as Michigan's west coast with bodies scattered along the way.
         Most of the action takes place around the coastline that connects Saginaw Bay to Lake Huron and home to Charity Island. The waterfront city of Caseville is the focal point of much of the action. Many of the businesses and familiar landmarks are featured in the story. So far, my working title is Charity Island.

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