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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dan Poynter

On May the 16th I had the pleasure of attending a conference sponsored by the "Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association," in Marquette, Michigan. The keynote speaker was none other than self-publishing and promotion guru, Dan Poynter. And Michigan's northern peninsula didn't disappoint; it treated us to a taste of Mid-May snow.

Mr. Poynter is a man of amazing energy and enthusiasm. His lecture was full of facts and statistics that showed the many advantages and rewards of self-publishing. While he didn't understate the challenges, he helped take much of the fear out of the prospect of going it alone. Information is the best weapon you can have when moving forward. I'll add more to this in the next posting. Check it out at

It was a particularly interesting encounter for me because I discovered that Mr. Poynter and me have shared a common hobby; Sport Parachuting, commonly known as "Skydiving." Although it has been a number of years since I made my last parachute jump, there is a certain brotherhood relationship that all skydivers share and Mr. Poynter made it a point to recognize me with a special ribbon that he attached to my name tag.

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