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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I've been Kindled

This morning my first two titles became available in Amazon's Digital Format for Kindle and other electronic readers. It's my first venture into the world of electronic publishing. I decided to price them as attractively as possible and Amazon has a floor of $2.99... That's where they are.

I'm really hoping that this opens up the door to a whole new audience of young readers.

This is what The Unreal McCoy is all about:
Michael O’Conner began his career as a private investigator in a hospital bed. His very first attempt at surveillance resulted in a near fatal beating. Detective Sergeant Albert McCoy, assigned to investigate the assault is stunned by the remarkable resemblance that the rookie P.I. has to McCoy’s younger brother who was killed in a traffic accident two years ago. The scenario has a profound effect on McCoy and he resolves to teach the young man how to survive on the streets.
O’Conner has stumbled onto a major international jewelry theft and insurance fraud scheme that has been going on undetected for over a decade. The players aren’t about to allow anyone to expose their game and they won’t hesitate to murder anyone who gets in their way. As long as they remain at large, Michael O’Conner is a man with a target on his back.
While Michael O’Conner recovers from his wounds, Detective McCoy and his partner Otis Springfield sniff out clues from the sidewalks of Detroit to the snow covered Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

Here's a brief description of what goes on in Turn Left at September:

Billy Bones is a born killer and he continually proves it. Billy runs the “Satan’s Disciples,” a drug dealing gang in Detroit. Monica Wilson, one of Billy’s street level dealers decides to leave the vile world of drugs behind and move into the mainstream of society. She has turned her natural singing talent into a promising career with an up and coming musical group. The entertainment world is tough but Monica sees a distinct possibility of beating the odds. She is working with an excellent band guided by a highly influential agent and producer. Things are looking up for Monica… until Billy Bones arrives on the scene to collect what he considers his personal property.
Detroit homicide detectives are investigating a couple of seemingly unrelated murders when the victim’s pasts showed ties to both Billy Bones and Monica Wilson. Billy is well known to the police but Monica Wilson is a new face in their books and needs a closer look.
The band is scheduled for a New Year’s Eve performance at a far northern Michigan ski lodge/casino entertainment complex. Monica receives a call from Billy saying that, unless his demands are met by New Year’s at midnight, horrible things will happen.
Billy seems to have gotten a head start when bodies begin to accumulate at the morgue. First it’s Monica’s best friend then a former band member. Next on the list is one of Billy’s own gang members who showed signs of weakness in front of the cops.
When Billy drops out of sight with only two days left in the year McCoy and Springfield know that they’d better head north if they entertain any hopes of saving Monica Wilson from being murdered at the stroke of midnight.

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