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Monday, February 19, 2007

Change of pace

I thought I'd try moving to a new theme for a while and see if anybody has any comments. I want to tell you about an experience that I had on eBay.

I've been a member of eBay for quite a while, doing a fair amount of both buying and selling. I had always been proud of the fact that the comments in my feedback file were 100% positive.

And then one day I entered as bid on a shirt that I wanted. The auction ended about a week later with no other bids and so an invoice for the item popped up in my email. I followed the prompts in the email and paid for the shirt using my online PayPal account.

After about ten days with no response I sent a note to the seller asking if everything was okay. The woman (seller) answered that she had refunded my money because I did not include enough to cover the shipping. I checked my invoice and it said that I owed $2.00 for shipping and that's what I had paid. When I inquired the woman said that eBay had listed the wrong amount for shipping and that the actual cost was $7.00. I discovered that she had made that change the day AFTER I had placed my bid.

I wrote to eBay and asked what I should do and they told me that the seller had violated eBay policy by altering financial information after the bidding had begun therefore I was not required to complete the transaction.

Then I sent another letter to the seller explaining eBay's position and offering a compromise on the shipping cost if she wished to continue the sale. She replied in such a hostile and accusatory fashion that I decided to back out of the deal.

Then she left a highly inflammatory negative comment on my eBay feedback record.

I once again contacted eBay and they basically told me not to bother them; that negative feedback could be left by anybody with whom I had completed a transaction. I tried to tell them that it was eBay who gave me permission to withdraw from the deal but they kept responding with the same form letter.

I then demanded to speak with a supervisor and the response was just the same form letter... at least ten times.

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