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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A day at the track

Well, I had my day in the sun at Michigan International Speedway. Last Christmas my kids gave me a gift certificate for a three lap "ride-along" in a genuine NASCAR race car. So this past Sunday I arrived at the track early and watched all of the cars go round and round. After some very careful observation (and a hint from one of the track workers) I determined that the fastest vehicle out there was the little Craftsman Truck and was told that the driver was a guy named Bill Eversole who happens to be a genuine ARCA driver.
So the truck was my choice!
Three laps goes pretty quick when you're moving at 150+mph. I wasn't disappointed. The driver was out there for fun too so we did a little dicing with some of the other cars. We ran within inches of the rear bumper of another vehicle as we drafted him down the straightaway and then dove below him as we entered the turn. Nobody passed us during our time on the track. Fun!!!
The "G" forces in the turns were considerable, more than I had expected but tolerable. The ride was very smooth (but loud). All in all it was a great experience.

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