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Monday, July 16, 2007

The world's most prestigious powerboat event

Well, I survived three very long days of standing on a dock on the Detroit River in the blazing sun. It was supposed to be a perk filled weekend spent shaking hands and chatting with old boat racing buddies at the APBA Gold Cup Regatta for Unlimited Hydroplanes but it didn't exactly turn out that way.

For over twenty years I chaired the launch committee for this race and two years ago I retired, leaving these chores in the extremely capable hands of the experienced launch crew. But this year attrition had taken it's toll and they found themselves a little short handed.

A tap on the shoulder and I turned around. An official handed me a radio and a headset and said, "You're officially un-retired. Go to work."

I was somewhat concerned because I had a guest with me, an adventurous lady who had been to the Iditarod but had never been to a hydroplane race. I would have to leave her alone to deal with the barely controlled mayhem of the hot pits. I was worried but she did fine; even managed to take a few photos.

Within a few hours it was as if I'd never left the old launch gang. We were wise-cracking and harassing one another as the launch went on flawlessly.

The only anxious moments of the weekend came when Mike Allen had a blow-over accident in the Team Formula U-1 boat. The former Miss Budweiser was extensively damaged but Mike escaped with very minor injuries.

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