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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres

I'm not a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres, I barely know who she is. My life is too full to waste in front of a TV.

But this whole dog adoption thing has kinda caught my interest. In my 67+ years in this life I've had plenty of dogs; still got one, a seventeen year old mongrel who I inherited from my youngest son. There's nobody on God's green earth gonna tell me any more than I already know about the relationship between a child and his/her dog. By the time I was fourteen I knew all about it. I knew about the unconditional love and I knew about the "til death do us part," loyalty.

I suppose it's a noble thing to take on the responsibility of protecting animals from abuse. Mutts & Moms says that children under the age of fourteen are too irresponsible to give proper care to animals. What??? Where did this data come from? I'm sure that there are cases that would bear out this airheaded allegation but my guess is that it would be less than .00001%, about the same as with kids over the age of fourteen.

It is my firm belief that the welfare of the dog had very little to do with the action. It's absolutely certain that the welfare of the kids was never considered. "PRIORITIES."

In my opinion the little minds that run "Mutts & Moms" wanted to flex big muscles and show that they're just as important as someone who has a successful career.

"The hell with the kids!!!"

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