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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Internet and cell phone scam

When I got my cell phone bill last month I noticed a charge of somewhere around thirty bucks for some sort of subscription. I called the cell phone customer service department to see what it was all about. They told me that the charge was for my subscription dues for I've never heard of this outfit.

I got the bid4prizes phone number and contacted them. A guy named Anthony told me that I had submitted my cell phone number on their website and that they had sent me a text message which I acknowledged.

None of this is true!!! While it's possible that somebody could have submitted my cell phone number without my knowledge, saying that I acknowledged a text message is a bald faced lie. No one but me has access to my cell phone and I never, EVER acknowledged any message from any internet auction service.

I said that I wanted my money refunded and Anthony (1-800 -861-7414 ext.201) informed me that that was not possible.

What this means is that scammed me out of money, admitted that they had taken it, and refused to give it back and believe that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Ever wonder why some people get tipped over the edge?

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